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Termidor HE in Brisbane

Termidor for termites - termite protection

Termite season is in full swing and more and more Brisbane home owners are deciding to install chemical barriers around their Brisbane homes to protect against a subterranean termite attack.

You may have seen the thousands of flying termites take to the skies this week looking to establish new nests all over Brisbane. South-East Queensland is a high risk zone for subterranean termite attacks and Brisbane home owners should be extremely vigilant of active termites in their gardens.

Termidor has been protecting Brisbane homes from subterranean termites for over 10 years and has a stellar reputation with home owners and pest controllers alike. This year BASF, the manufacturers of Termidor released Termidor HE which is a 'suped up' version of Termidor.

If you're looking to install a chemical barrier and have already approached a couple of companies for quotes it's likely Termidor or Termidor HE has come up in conversation.

Chemical Barrier around a home

A little background: Termidor is a non repellent, transfer termiticide used in chemical barrier installations to offer Brisbane home 5 years full protection from termites. Termites can't sense Termidor in the soil and unknowingly pass through the treated zone, taking the Termidor back to the nest, eradicating the attacking colony.

Termidor HE (the HE stands for High Efficiency) works the same way but is an advanced formulation of the same powerful active ingredients allowing it to spread much further through the soil to create a more even and effective treated or protective zone to give your home the best possible protection.

The biggest advantage Termidor HE has over most other termiticides is the advanced polymer technology which allows the Termidor HE to spread through the soil more easily and more evenly means when your pest controller has to drill into your concrete or tiles to install your barrier, they can make the drill holes further apart so they are more discrete (like in grout lines) and a thorough treatment can be completed with minimal visual impact on your tiles or concrete.

So if you are looking to update your chemical barrier or just can't stand any more sleepless nights worrying about termites, call Results Services now on 3823 2500 and ask our friendly team about how Termidor HE works and how we can protect you from a stressful and expensive termite attack.

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