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Bed Bugs in New Farm

Bed Bugs found in New Farm units

One of our technicians has had his hands full this week taking care of a severe bed bug infestation in a number of New Farm units. One unit was so heavily infested our technician said it was the worst case he's ever seen.... Which is saying something.

Unfortunately for the residents, some of them have been trying (and failing) to control the bed bugs using home remedies allowing the bed bugs to proliferate to "biblical proportions". One thing remains true when faced with a bed bug infestation, if not treated effectively in a timely manner, their numbers will quickly get out of control costing you more money and time to eradicate them, than if you had just contacted a professional to deal with it in the first place.

Lately we've received a number of calls from people in the New Farm, Brisbane area seeking help for the bed bug problem they bought home with them from their recent holidays.

Generally, getting bed bugs is really a matter of bad luck rather than a sign or poor hygiene meaning you are able to get bed bugs from even top notch hotels and resorts. Be sure to click here and read our tips and hints on avoiding bed bugs while travelling.

Bed bugs are resilient parasitic pests that feed on their host's blood whenever the opportunity arises, which so happens to be at night when their host is sound asleep and vulnerable to bed bug bites. The good news is bed bugs aren't known to spread disease.

If you've recently found bed bugs in your home, please take our advice and seek professional help. Bed bugs are resilient pests and can be difficult to control without the proper tools and training.

Don't wait for the bed bugs to get out of hand, call Results Home Services on 38232500 and have one of our qualified and experienced professional pest controllers help you take back you bedroom from these blood sucking pests. We service all of Brisbane including the inner city suburbs including New Farm, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, South Brisbane and South Bank.

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