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Are Mozzies driving you crazy?

Mozzie Pest Control in Brisbane

The rain has passed and the sun has come out and the conditions are now perfect for mosquitoes! You may have already noticed you're slapping at your legs every time you venture out on to your patio to relax after a long day at work.

Whilst mosquitoes present a real and legitimate risk to human health as they are prevalent spreaders of diseases like Ross River Virus and Dengue Fever most people just find them really annoying!

The constant slapping and waving when you're just trying to catch up with friends and family at a Sunday afternoon BBQ is enough to drive anyone crazy! Yes, mosquito repellents like DEET are a good for avoiding annoying mosquito bites but wouldn't it be nice to not have to dowse yourself in chemicals every time you want to enjoy a glass of wine on your back deck?

Our mosquito treatment is specially designed to protect our Brisbane homes from swarms of mozzies come dusk. Our mozzie treatment includes misting of a mosquito insecticide around your yard, throughout surrounding gardens, around pool areas, under eaves and any areas where mosquitoes are likely to dwell. This treatment will eradicate the breeding adult mosquitoes, breaking their breeding cycle and will have a residual effect so whenever new mosquitoes come into contact with the treated zones they will die before they have a chance to harass you and your family enjoying the great outdoors.

Sunday BBQ's and evening drinks on the patio are all a part of the Brisbane lifestyle so don't let mozzies drive you indoors. Call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and speak to one of our highly trained team members about how we can make your home a mosquito free zone. The great news is we service all of Brisbane and the greater Brisbane area!

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