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Tick Prevention for your Pets

Tick Pest Control for your yard

We had a mini disaster this week in the office when one of our team member's pets had picked up a paralysis tick and had to be rushed to the vet as the labrador was showing the early signs of tick paralysis. Thankfully the tick was removed from the beloved pet's ear lobe with no lasting harm done.

After seeking a vet's help the lab, Tess, has made a full recovery but the incident has been a wake up call for Tess' pet parents. Ticks present a real threat to cats and dogs and all prevention measures should be taken to reduce the chance of your beloved furry family member picking up a life threatening paralysis tick.

It's easy to get complacent and think ticks are only found in the bush but ticks are prevalent in properties all over Brisbane including inner Brisbane suburbs like Ascot and Hamilton. Ticks love moist conditions and the recent rain has allowed their numbers to spike, so be sure to be extra vigilant with your pets, regularly checking for ticks or being aware of the signs of a paralysis tick:

Vomiting, retching and coughing

Progressive paralysis to include the forelegs

Loss of coordination in hind legs

Loss of appetite

heavy, labored or rapid breathing

These are all signs your pet has tick paralysis and if your cat or dog exhibits any of these signs you should contact your vet immediately.

Tick Prevention

A tick treatment for an average sized home ranges from $195 to $245, far

Tick Pest Control Prevention

less than a visit to the vet which can run well into the thousands. Our team member spent $1500 this week on their pet's care. $245 compared to $1500 there really is no question of which bill we'd prefer to pay.

Our tick treatment uses the latest and safest in chemical technology to eradicate breeding adult ticks to break the breeding cycle and kill any newly hatched ticks once they come into contact with the treated zone. Using a "fogging" machine we disperse a fine mist throughout your gardens, under your eaves and any areas where ticks are likely to be breeding or dwelling.

Don't put your pets in danger any longer, call our friendly team on 3823 2500 and ask us about our tick treatment. We service all of Brisbane and greater region including Hamilton, Ascot, Nundah, Windsor and Clayfield.

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