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Mosquitoes in Hamilton!

For many of us this rain meant a sigh of relief as our lawns and gardens were starting to look very dry and very thirsty. However, once the rain clears and the sun comes out many homes in the Hamilton and Ascot area will be suffering with high numbers of mosquitoes.

Mozzies love wet, hot conditions and a Brisbane summer provides both of these things in spades. Mozzies are a particularly annoying pest for home owners in Hamilton and Ascot as these suburbs are so close to the Brisbane River. Pests like flies, mosquitoes and midges are a major concern for homes in these areas.

It's no surprise we get so many calls from home owners in Ascot and Hamilton desperate for some relief from mozzies and midges after rainfall. As we've had such a dry winter mosquito numbers have dwindled a little but this recent rain will having them coming back with a vengeance.

Our Mosquito treatment is a great way for our Hamilton and Ascot clients to get some relief from mozzies and be able to enjoy their deck or patio without being eaten alive!

By creating a special barrier around your home, we can ensure your home

will no longer be ruined by unwelcome mosquitoes. Whether you have a special event or would like to be able to have the children play in the yard without the ever present mosquito, we can help with the latest treatments in mosquito control.

Mosquito control is applied by applying a fine mist treatment into and onto the foliage on your property,around your house including decks, up into eaves and pool areas creating a mozzie free barrier for you and your family to enjoy.

Get outside again and enjoy what living in Brisbane is all about without being attacked by hundreds of mosquitoes! Call us now on 38232500 and ask our friendly team about our mosquito control treatment! We service all of Brisbane including Ascot, Hamilton, Nundah and Eagle Farm.

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