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Termidor for Termites

Termidor for termites

Have you recently found active termites in your home or perhaps you're looking at updating your home's termite protection? If you've done any research online or spoken with any pest controller, chances are you've heard the word Termidor thrown around.

What is Termidor and why should I care?

Termidor is a non-repellent termiticide (termite poison). Termidor is one of many brands selling Fipronil based termiticides. BASF, owners of Termidor, are the first company to use fipronil in their products for the purpose of termite control. The phrase original and best comes to mind when thinking about Termidor. Since its initial release over 10 years ago many different companies have positioned themselves to piggy-back off Termidor's stellar reputation often selling themselves as "like Termidor but cheaper!" (but more about that later!)

Termidor boasts a "transfer effect" which means termites spread Termidor

Termidor for termite nests

to each other during their normal grooming and communication behaviours. Termidor doesn't have a drop dead effect on termites, opting for a delayed effect to give the termites time to take Termidor back to the nest to eradicate the colony.

What is Termidor used for?

Termidor is used in a couple of different ways by pest controllers. Termidor is sold as a foam, dust and liquid so it can be used for a number of different applications. If you've found termites in the walls of your home and contacted a professional pest controller, chances are they will use Termidor foam or dust as a remedial termite treatment to stop the termites from eating your home.

Liquid Termidor

Liquid Termidor is used for chemical barrier treatments to create a continuous treated zone around your home to protect against a termite attack. This treatment lasts for five years and involves the soil around your home being treated with Termidor to created a continuous treated zone.

Termidor vs Generics

We mentioned we get back to this; Termidor vs generics. If you've ever sought a quote for termite protection from different companies you may have been shocked to find different companies quoted to use different products. Many prefer to use generic brands of fipronil based chemicals for the simple fact they're cheaper and the profit margin on the barrier is larger. Some companies use generics so they can pass on the savings to the home owners and win with cheaper quotes.

Generic brands have the possibility of leaving large untreated gaps in the soil treatment (chemical barrier), providing termites access to attack your home. An independent, accredited lab tested the key chemical properties of generic products against Termidor and found 6 of the 8 properties to be inferior when compared to Termidor. Generics have been found to be inferior in how evenly they disperse and move through the soil, which effects the consistency of the chemical barrier.

When it comes to your home and biggest asset, don't take any chances, make sure your pest controller is using 100% genuine Termidor and not something "like Termidor only cheaper"

So there you have it, a brief overview as to why you should consider Termidor for your home's ongoing termite protection.

Found termites? Call us now on 3823 2500 and have one of our qualified and professional technicians out to check on what you've found and talk you through all your termite protection options available to you. Or why not have a termite inspection with our thermal imaging camera, dongle and moisture meter?

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