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Are you ready for termite season?

Termite season is right around the corner; is your home ready? Termites are active all year long but are particularly active in the wet and hot summer months. Termites travel further from the nest in search of food in the summer months which is part of the reason we receive so many termite calls during this period.

Brisbane is an extremely high risk area for subterranean termites because various environmental and climatic conditions. Termites love heat, moisture and humidity which is why they seek out areas of high moisture in your home.

For this reason the Australian Standards recommend you have your home inspected at least annually if you have current termite protection in place and more frequent inspections if you don't.

Rather than spend another restless night worrying about the safety of your home and greatest investment, why not enjoy the peace of mind a chemical barrier provides and rest easy this termite season knowing your home is safe from a termite attack?

Termites cost Australian home owners millions every year in repairs and

treatments and because no insurer covers termite damage as a part of home insurance, all of this money is out of pocket. The advice of the Australian Standards and shared by most pest controllers in Queensland is to ensure your termite protection is current and up to date and have regular inspections.

This is the only way to make sure your home is safe from a stressful and expensive termite attack because at the end of the day a chemical barrier will always cost lest than an unknown repair bill.

Call our team now on 3823 2500 and have one of our qualified and experienced termite management expert out to give you the best advice on protecting your home and a free quote. We service all of Brisbane and northside and south side suburbs.

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