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What to do if you have ants in the walls

As we begin to move into the Brisbane summer, it's likely you'll start to notice pests like cockroaches, spiders and ants becoming more active around your Brisbane home. Heat is one of a few catalysts for pest activity in homes and commercial premises alike.

Ants are particularly active during the spring and summer months as they forage for food and water to sustain their colony. If you wake up every morning to find a trail of ants attacking that single crumb left behind from last night's dinner don't fret because Results Home Services has a solution for you.

Ants will search far and wide for food and water to take back to the nest to sustain the colony. As the weather gets warmer and dryer, the further ants will have to travel to find resources. Whilst most ants nest in dirt or gardens outside the home, ants have been known to set up nests within homes and within the walls or roof of the home, coming out at night and foraging the scraps their human housemates leave behind for them.

Once upon a time, ants were extremely difficult to control but thanks to

advances in chemical technology we posses the ability to reliably and safely control ants around your home. We offer our Termidor Ant Treatment which uses the latest in chemical technology to prevent black ants from invading your home.

During a Termidor ant treatment our trained and certified pest control expert will take the time to inspect and evaluate what type of ant is infesting your home and where the problem originates so they can devise a treatment plan according to your home's specific needs.

For more information about our Termidor Ant Treatment call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and speak to one of our friendly staff about how we can make your home ant free again. We service all of Brisbane including the north and south side suburbs and Bayside region.

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