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Rodent Control Wynnum

If your kept up at night by the sounds of rodents rustling and scurrying in your walls and roof void then it's definitely time to have a professional rodent and pest control expert take care of the family of mice that have taken up residence in your Wynnum home.

The winter months are always busy with rodent calls as this is the season rodents seek nesting sites that are sheltered from the elements and dropping temperatures. Wynnum is always a hot spot for rodent activity because of its proximity to the water and the abundance or trees and bushy areas. Come the winter months rodents like rats and mice seek a warm, dry place to start a family and usually your garage, shed, chicken coop or roof void are exactly what they're looking for.

Like many things in life, rodents will only get worse if left unchecked so it's

important to take steps as soon as you notice rodent activity in or around your home in Wynnum. When you call Results Home Services a professional pest control expert will walk around identifying the spots of rodent activity like nesting/breeding sites and feeding sites and place rodent baits accordingly.

The goal is to reach the entire rodent population that call your home their home and then the aim of the game is to close off entry points to prevent a future rodent problem. This should be done once control over the rodents have been achieved so as not to lock them in.

So if you're hearing little feet scurrying of an evening, don't delay, call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and have a professional pest control expert out and prevent the rodent problem from getting worse. We service all of Brisbane including Wynnum, Manly, Wynnum-West, Manly-West and the Bayside region.

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