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Ant Treatments in Wynnum

Do you live in Wynnum and black ants are driving you crazy? Do you wake up every morning to find a trail of hungry ants scavenging for crumbs over your kitchen bench? Don't worry because our Termidor Ant Treatment will make the morning ant trail history.

Ants are exploding all over Brisbane but particularly so in the Wynnym, Manly, Wynnum-West area. Our hot summers and warmer than average winter has made for a particularly long 'ant season'. Our changing climate has impacted pests like ants and cockroaches in predictable ways. Because of the heat we have noticed pests like ants and cockroaches have remained active rather than activity dropping off at the beginning of the winter months which is what we typically see year to year.

The last few years we've enjoyed steady rainfall and warmer temperatures which has allowed ant colonies to explode in population due to the freely available food and water and now we're going through a dryer period which means the ant colonies are now competing for those resources, driving them to scavenge further and wider than previous years. This maybe why you are suddenly seeing ants in your kitchen or bathrooms, where previously they've never been an issue.

It feels like everyday we're in Wynnum taking care of somebody's ant problems. Our Termidor Ant Treatment uses non-repellent transfer chemical technology to eradicate ants at the source. We create a treated zone on the surface around the perimeter of your home and because Termidor is a non-repellent transfer product the ants unknowingly walk over the treated zone and take Termidor back to the nest, eradicating the entire colony.

So if your feel like your home in Wynnum is being overrun with black ants, call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and speak to our friendly staff about organising a black ant treatment. We service all of Brisbane including Wynnum, Manly, Wynnum-West and Manly-West.

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