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Why DIY termite solutions and Bunnings termite treatments can create more problems than they solve

We can’t tell you how many times we have found termites at a clients home and they have been determined to deal with the problem themselves. Nine times out of ten those clients have to get us back to treat the termites which come back and at the end of it all and they realize they could have saved the time, money and stress had they just left the termite treatments to the professionals.

There are many things in life that lend to the Do-It-Yourself trend and Pintrest is full of them from DYI lampshades, DIY Pallet furniture and even DIY vertical gardens should you be so inclined, but there are still some things you should leave to the qualified professional; things like automobile repairs, open heart surgery and dentistry are three examples of things you do not want to attempt DIY. Termite treatments also belong to this large group because taking on your termite infestation armed only with a YouTube tutorial and some bug spray is only going to end badly, costing you time, stress, and money.

Earlier this year we attended a clients home in the Burbank, Wakerley,

Gumdale area after they found subterranean termites making a meal of their architraves. A Results Home Services qualified technician completed a full termite inspection using our thermal imaging camera, moisture meter and dongle (timber tapper). During the inspection our experienced technician found extensive termite activity throughout the home and termite nests around the yard. At the time we stressed how important it was to treat the termites eating the architraves as well as the nests around the home and install a perimeter soil treatment (aka Chemical Barrier) to protect the home from a second termite attack. This particular client felt that a DIY approach was best and thanked us for the advice.

Just this week we received the call we anticipated, asking us to come back and treat the live termites which they had found and treated themselves not 6 months ago. Our qualified technician returned to find the termites were using the same entry point as last time and once again recommended a chemical barrier to close this entry point off to subterranean termites and protect the home from a third termite attack. So at the end of it all they could have saved themselves the time, money, stress (and a new, hefty repair bill) had they left the termite treatment to the professionals.


At Results Home Services we only use the latest in chemical technology using only genuine Termidor and Altriset for our chemical barrier treatments. There are so many other chemical options available and different pest controllers will offer different options. We prefer to use Termidor and Altriset as they are the best and latest in chemical technology and when you get Results Home Services to install a chemical barrier treatment around your home, you know you’re getting the best service available.

Results Home Services has been protecting Brisbane homes from unwanted pests like termites, black ants, bed bugs and mosquitoes for over 20 years so you know we have the knowledge and experience to protect your home and greatest asset.

Think you might have termites? Call us now on 3823 2500 for a free termite check and quote. Our qualified technician will check on what you’ve found and talk to you about the different treatment options available to you. Have some questions? Call us and speak to one of our friendly staff and see how we can help you. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs including areas like Burbank, Wakerley, Gumdale, Chandler and Tingalpa.

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