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Found Termites in your House?

"Help! I've just found termites in my house!"

This is a call we receive all too often usually from someone who has just

pushed their vacuum head through their skirting boards or someone who has just poked their finger through the wall because the thin layer of paint was all that was left behind by subterranean termites. If this ever happens to you the most important thing to remember is to stay calm, leave the termites alone and call Results Home Services and have a qualified timber pest technician check on what you’ve found and treat the active termites.

All pest controllers will agree that the best thing you can do once you’ve made the initial termite discovery of termites is to leave the termites alone and avoid disturbing them more than you already have. Just about the worst thing you can do is take to the termites with a can of bug spray. Yes, it will kill the termites that come into direct contact with the spray, however this is only a small percentage of the millions of termites attacking your home. When termites are under attack or become distressed the soldier termites defend while the other worker termites close off the exposed or disturbed galleries leaving the distressed termites to die. This is in service of the rest of the colony and its queen so the danger is not granted access to the heart of the nest to cause more damage and mayhem. So if you cause major chaos by dowsing the termites in bug spray, the colony will simply close the gallery off and move elsewhere, making our job significantly more difficult.

When our qualified technician comes to treat your termite activity we use non-repellent transfer chemicals like Termidor and Altriset which means the termites can’t detect the chemical and unknowingly take Termidor or Altriset back to the nest, eradicating the entire colony. After we have stopped termites from eating your home, the next step is to install a perimeter soil treatment or chemical barrier to close off the termite entry point and prevent a future termite attack.

Think you’ve found termites? Call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and have one of our qualified technicians perform a free termite check. Our technician will check on what you’ve found, confirm one way or another whether it’s termites and talk you through the treatment options available. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs like The Gap, Fig tree Pocket, Chapel Hill and Indooroopilly.

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