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Dengue and Ross River fever cases at a 20 year high

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Australia has hit a 20 year high in the number of reported cases of Dengue Fever and Victoria has seen an explosion in the number of reported Ross River Virus cases. Both of these diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes but only specific species of mosquitoes have the ability to transmit these potentially deadly diseases. The rise of reported cases is causing alarm for various government bodies and health organisations.

Governments are trying their hardest to stem the flow of mosquito borne

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illnesses like Dengue fever, Ross River Virus and Zika Virus from dealing with mosquito populations with chemical solutions to imploring Australians to remain vigilant and use personal insect repellent to reduce the chances of being bitten by an infected mosquito. Most interestingly, there have been satellite trials all over the world to test a new way to eliminate Dengue Fever and Zika Virus. Scientists are infecting the Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes (species responsible for Dengue Fever and Zika Virus transmission) with a bacteria called Wolbachia. This bacteria reduces the chance of mosquitoes becoming infected with the diseases and will diminish the likelihood of the disease being transmitted. The Wolbachia bacteria also causes sterility in male mosquitoes, thereby reducing the chance infection by cutting vector populations. These trials have seen encouraging success with different countries deciding to expand the trial areas to test whether the results can be up scaled to larger areas.

While we wait for science to offer a more permanent and far reaching

solution to the mozzie issue, governments and health organisations are asking all Australians to take responsibility for their well-being by being proactive in their protection against mosquitoes. Doctors and health officials are encouraging people to have an adequate pest control plan in place to protect family and friends from contracting one of these potentially deadly diseases. These precautions range from wearing loose fitting clothing, applying insect repellent containing DEET and making sure to remove all mosquito harborages from around your home.

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