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Is your home rodent ready?

With winter officially kicking off last week we have seen the usual uptake in calls from people who have discovered they have a new house mate; the three or four rodents they can hear scratching around in their roof void at night. Rodents are active all year long but tend to be a particular house pest in the winter months as they take shelter from the colder temperatures in our homes and garages.

We urge people every year to be rodent ready and have rodent bait stations set up in rodent "hot spots" around the home. We also encourage people to remove stored cardboard boxes and clutter from around the home to remove hiding spots for rodents and the material they use to build their nests.

Rodents line their nests with cardboard, paper, fabric, plastic, really anything they can get their little paws on so clearing out clutter is a really simple, easy way to help reduce the chance of a rodent problem. We also encourage you to make sure your rodent baits are topped up and ready for a hungry rodent to find them.

Besides the obvious hygiene issues that come with a rodent infestation, rodents are capable of causing serious amounts of damage to your home and even place your safety and your family's safety in jeopardy. Common house rodents like brown rats and house mice belong to the rodentia genus which means they need to gnaw to maintain their two large front teeth. They usually gnaw on structure timbers and gyprock but they're also known to gnaw on wires causing severe damage to your home's wiring and substantially increasing the risk of a house fire. It's estimated that 8-20% of US house fires are caused by rodent damaged wires.

Don't let a mischief of rats cause havoc in your home, call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and have one of our professional, qualified pest control experts give you the best advice on resolving your rodent issue. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs so call us now!

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