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Can I afford a Chemical Barrier?

How much for a Chemical Termite Barrier

As a home owner you’re probably overwhelmed by the sheer number of different costs associated with owning a home, from the insurance to the maintenance, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and budgets can only stretch so far. So when asking yourself “can I afford a chemical barrier?” you really should be asking “can I afford NOT to have a chemical barrier?”

Does my Insurance cover Termite Attacks?

Termite attack Brisbane

No home insurance covers a termite attack or termite damage and if you own an investment in Brisbane you need to be termite ready. In Brisbane we live in an very “termite friendly” environment. The sub-tropical climate we enjoy makes Brisbane a termite paradise and we are experiencing an explosion in termite populations all over South East Brisbane and the Australian Standards encourage home owners to be termite ready.

Annual Termite Inspection are necessary for Brisbane

Annual termite inspections are essential for detecting unseen termite activity in the home but it’s important to remember that inspections won’t stop a termite attack but rather detect it after it has already started and regular (at least annual) inspections will ensure that minimal damage is done before the infestation is detected on an inspection.

Be Termite Ready

Being termite ready goes beyond having a yearly termite inspections and in this climate, preventative termite treatments are essential to avoiding an expensive and stressful termite attack. Can you imagine the peace of mind you would enjoy knowing that your home and greatest investment is completely safe from a termite attack? Almost always, a chemical barrier will cost less than an unknown repair bill and remedial termite treatments.

It all comes down to how lucky you feel and whether or not you want to roll the dice on the protection of your biggest investment. Having a current chemical barrier in place will protect your home from termites and give you peace of mind. Think about it like termite insurance and in most cases the cost of the barrier over 5 years ends up costing the about the same as insurance.

So call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and have one of our qualified technicians do an obligation free quote and talk you through the different treatment options available to you. We service all of Brisbane from the most Northern parts of Brisbane to the very South of Brisbane.

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