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Termites Attacking Tax Paperwork

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Termites attacking paper files -  Results Termite Treatments and Pest Management Services

We were recently called to a termite attack in a home in the Middle Park, Jindalee and Kenmore area. The owner had discovered termites in the garage and was prompted to call Results Home Services to deal with the infestation. Our senior technician confirmed the owner had indeed found active termites, and worse yet, they were eating the owner’s tax paperwork!

This is the second time termites have attacked this home. The owner informed us that they had discovered termites in the lounge area late last year, which were then treated, but no chemical barrier was carried out to prevent a second termite attack.

You may think this kind of termite attack is unusual, and whilst it doesn’t happen every day, our technicians have seen this kind of thing before. The termites had gained entry through a crack between the slab and the brick wall and decided to make a meal on the stored cardboard boxes kept in the garage. Cracks in slabs and brickwork are widespread in older houses around 20-30 years, which is why it’s so important to have up to date termite protection in place to prevent a termite attack because the older a home gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to a termite attack.

book eaten by termites - Results Home Services

Nearly everyone knows termites eat timber; the fact is that they will also eat any cellulose material like paper, cardboard, and wood. So to treat this house, we foamed the active subterranean termites with Termidor. We would then come back in a fortnight to check on the treatment and make sure the termite activity has ceased. A continuous perimeter soil treatment would then need to be installed to close off the entry point and protect the home from a third termite attack.

If you’re overdue for your termite inspection or if you suspect you may have a termite problem, call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and have one of our qualified and experienced technicians out to complete a termite inspection. We service Brisbane and surrounding suburbs like Jindalee, Middle Park, Kenmore, Fig Tree Pocket and Chapel Hill.

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