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Planning an Outdoor Event without Mosquitoes or Ants?

Are you hosting a wedding, birthday party, anniversary party or a family get together soon and you want to make sure you and your guests won’t be eaten alive by mosquitoes or overrun by ants? Results Home Services has exactly what you need; our wide range of pest control services has you covered no matter what pest you’re having issues with. A mosquito treatment is ideal for special events and it means you won’t have to worry about citronella candles or mosquito coils to keep the mosquitoes at bay as you party on into the night.

Keeping Mosquitos' Away

Mosquito free back yard - Termite Treatments and Pest Control

When you have a mozzie treatment done, our qualified and experienced technician will use a fogging machine which disperses the product as a fine mist so we can penetrate thick bushes and gardens and target mozzies where they are dwelling and breeding. We treat throughout your surrounding gardens, under eaves, around outdoor living areas like decks or patios, around pools and around tennis courts. Our aim is to create a mosquito free “living zone” where you and your guests can enjoy your outdoor areas without being eaten alive by swarms of mosquitoes.

If you are playing host to a major event like a wedding or party call us to discuss your dates and we will work out the best time for you to do the mozzie treatment and organise a suitable time so you can enjoy the your event without being bitten by mosquitoes.

Keeping Black Ants Away

If ants are more of an issue and you want your guests to be able to stand on the lawn without having millions of black ants crawling on their feet or sustaining a painful bite from a green ant. We have the ideal solution to your ant woes; our Termidor Ant Treatment is so effective in eradicating ants from your home due to Termidor’s transfer effect. When ants walk over the treated zones whilst foraging for food and water they unknowingly pick up Termidor and take it back to the nest, eradicating the entire colony. Our Termidor Ant Treatment is a great way to control the numbers of ants in your yard and are is a great option if you want to hold your event outside but are concerned by the colonies of ants that have claimed your lawn or outdoor area.

Call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 today and speak to us about what you’re planing and when and we can advise you on what pest control service would benefit you most and work out the timing to give you the best results for your special day. We service all of Brisbane including surrounding suburbs on the north and south sides of Brisbane, western suburbs and the Bayside area.

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