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How often should I have my home pest controlled?

This is a question we hear somewhat frequently and unfortunately we don't have a one size fits all answer. How frequently you should be getting your home pest controlled depends largely on the kinds of pests you're having troubles with as well as other house specific challenges.

If you notice cockroaches around, as many Brisbane homes do, we recommend an annual service to tackle the cockroach problem and stay in control of the cockroach populations around your home. We remind people that whilst you may not see cockroaches maintaining your annual service will ensure this control continues. By waiting until you see cockroaches again, you're allowing these pests to build their numbers back up. The main exception to this is German Cockroaches, which are a common pest for many homes and commercial kitchens.

German cockroaches are a smaller cockroach that dwell in sewers, drains, under fridges amd in and around dishwashers and can infest kitchens very quickly. They are fast breeders and, like all cockroaches, are disease carriers. Because of their rapid breeding cycle and their proclivity to dwelling in kitchens they are considered a serious pest and if your pest controller has found evidence of a German cockroach problem they will likely recommend a follow up treatment in 4-6 weeks to gain control of the infestation.

Brisbane is in the midst of a major ant explosion and many home owners are desperately seeking a solution to the millions of ants swarming all over their homes and invading their kitchens and bathrooms. We offer our Termidor Ant Treatment which offers relief from the armies of ants invading your home. Using the non-repellent transfer technology of Termidor the ants walk over the treated zones and unknowing take Termidor back to the nest. Most people get 12 months out of an ant treatment but if you live in an ant prone area or have a serious ant infestation you may need to have 6 monthly ant treatments for the first couple of years until we have gained control of the problem and have annual treatments thereafter to maintain control.

But the best answer to the question: how often should I have my home pest controlled? Is: speak to your pest controller. They know your situation, they know the pests you're trying to control and they will give you specific advice for your situation.

Noticing cockroaches, spiders, silverfish or ants? Call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and speak to our friendly staff about the solutions we can offer you.

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