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Spiders in Brisbane

It feels like everyday we wake up and there’s a new Charlotte or Mouse Spider that has emerged online making arachnophobes very grateful there is a computer screen between them and these large predators.

The blood curdling video of a huntsman spider carrying a mouse to its lair aside, we’re asked very often about what we can do about spiders.

Charlotte the giant huntsman

Facebook: Barnyard Betty's Rescue

For most people spiders are scary even though most of them are perfectly harmless. Living in Queensland it is important to recognise the few species of spider that can be quite dangerous and pack a very painful and potentially deadly, bite which is why you don't want too many of these 8 legged creatures hanging around your home, especially if you have children or pets.

Red back spider results pest control

The Redback spider is probably the most dangerous of the common household spiders you are likely to find. They pack a painful bite that has caused death in humans in the past which is why we encourage you to be very careful when gardening or cleaning up around the house as many redback spider bites occur as a result of people disturbing a redback spider while going about their household chores. Redbacks tend to dwell near people as we attract redback spider prey (bugs, insects and other pests). If you do have children it is wise to keep your pest control service up to date as children are particularly vulnerable to redback spider venom.

White tail spider Termite treatments Brisbane

The White-Tail spider is perhaps less common but it is widely dispersed across Australia and South-East Queensland so it's not rare to see them around the place. They have a reputation for causing necrotic ulcers after a bite which understandably caused a lot of fear for many Australians. There is no proof that White-tail spiders cause such ulceration and scientists have concluded after many studies, white-tail bites result in local swelling, mild pain and itchiness and nothing more.

huntsman spider termite treatments brisbane

Huntsman spiders are a common spider to find in the home and we've all seen them scuttling from behind the curtains looking for their next hiding spot. Huntsman spiders like dark, concealed places which is why they tend to hang around behind your towel as it hangs on the towel rack or behind furniture in your home. They are a fairly harmless spider and are not considered to be aggressive or dangerous to humans. Of course nobody really enjoys it when they're at home watching TV only to find a giant spider coming at them at top speed, regardless of what the scientists say!

Whilst spiders hold a very important role in our eco-system, you as a home owner should be vigilant in not allowing the spider populations to get out of hand. The best way to try and control spider populations around your home is to remove the reason for them to be there. Like all pests, spiders will stay where the food is and by having a general pest control done you will remove a large portion of their food source so you will notice a reduction in the numbers because of that reason. Our general pest control treatment is effective in controlling spiders and will kill a spider on contact with the treatment so this will break the breeding cycle, another reason why a pest control service will see the spider numbers around your home decline.

If you're seeing too many eight legged creatures around and you'd like to do something about it, call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and find out how we can take care of your pest problem whether it be spiders, cockroaches, ants or rodents. We service all of Brisbane including the surrounding suburbs on the north side, south side, western suburbs and the Bayside area.

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