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Tools of the Trade

free thermal imaging with termite inspections

We believe that a great inspection starts with a termite technician that has a keen eye and sound knowledge of termite habits. Technology is great but it has to be used correctly and you can't beat the experience and professionalism from our team of trained and certified termite inspectors.

using a moisture meter for termite detection - brisbane termite treatments

Every inspection starts with a thorough visual inspection inside and outside

your home. Inside, we will use a timber knocker, thermal imaging camera and a moisture meter to detect any termite activity. It is then that a good termite inspector will know what he has found, and will be able to recommend the appropriate treatments and protection plans for your home.

Did you know that you not only can hear termites

but you can also smell them?

Thermal Imaging Camera

Thermal imaging camera - brisbane termite treatments

Results Home Services is one of the leaders when it comes to using technology that works. We are one of the few termite companies that back all our visual inspection with the use of a thermal camera. The thermal camera has the ability to detect termite activity hidden within walls or bathroom tiles which a normal inspection will not pick up.

After Care Services

After our inspection, you can choose to receive your termite report either by email or post. We will follow this up with a call to answer any question you may have.We will also walk you through each finding and recommendation on the report, so you have a thorough understanding of what the termite technician found and why he made the recommendations in your report.

How to contact us

To find out more about our full termite services call Results Termite Services today 3823 2500 and talk to one of our friendly staff or just send us a request for a quick quote by email.

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