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Your Pest Control Free Service 

Black ants love to colonise areas including your yard and home. Our Termidor ant treatment will take care of any ant colony that is in your yard at the time of treatment.  The Termidor chemical is warranted by the manufacturer to last 6 months exposed to the harsh Queensland elements, what our experience has taught us is that most homes will get 6-12 months of ant free pleasure from the initial treatment however if your home is surrounded by bushland, is badly infested or perhaps the property next door has a serious ant problem too it may take 2-3 treatments over a 12 -18 month time frame to take the pressure of your home.  

Latest technology in termite protection
Free Six Month Free Service Period On Termidor Black Ant Treatments

Pest Control is not an exact science; there are many factors that can affect a pest control treatment. Whether reintroduction of a pest to a treated zone, bridging of the treatment zone or an unexpected change in weather conditions occurs at the time of the treatment. What is important to us is that we meet your expectations for a quality pest control service. This is why we are happy to back many of our pest control services with a free service period. This means, regardless of what happens to the pest treatment, if you feel that there is an unusual increase or unnoticeable decrease of the treated pest/pests, we will happily return to your property and retreat as required, no questions asked.

Understanding How Your Pest Control Treatment Works

In recent years pest control chemical technology has become a lot safer and smarter, being able to specially target the pest often unknown to the insect. Results Home Services uses the latest and safest pest control chemicals on the market. We are constantly reviewing new technologies and using them to provide optimum pest control services. Many of the chemicals we us are use non-repellent or encapsulation technology and are designed to have a long term effect on the pest population.


While our chemicals have a quick knockdown effect, it may take a few weeks for all the pests hiding in your home to move over the treated zones and die. You should also consider a pest's breeding cycle and allow 4-6 weeks for your pest control treatment to take full effect. ​


Remember:  It is not uncommon to see some insects during the first six weeks after a treatment, or the occasional sightings of pests during your service period. This does not constitute a problem; they will come in contact with the residual chemical and die. If the problem persists over a period of 4 weeks please contact us.


Future proof your house against black ants

To reduce the need for an ant control treatment, there are some easy housekeeping tips that will make your home less attractive to ants

  • Keep the perimeter of your home clear of vegetation and rubbish

  • Fill any holes around doors and windows

  • Use weephole guards to prevent ants entry through weepholes in brickwork

  • Don't leave pet food out

  • Clear up dirty dishes and food spills immediately

  • Keep food in sealed plastic container

At any stage should you have concerns regarding your

pest treatment please contact us.

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