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Results Termite and Pest Services has been looking after homes in the Wynnum for a long time. We are base locally and have a team of pest control technicians on hand ready to help out with any pest control problems. We specialise in all areas of pest control including Termite Control and  Termite TreatmentsRodents and General Pest Control problems such as CockroachesSpiders and Fleas.  With a teams of fully trained licensed pest controllers coupled with the latest technologies in pest control you can be assured your home is in expert care.

Industry Leader in Termite Control & Pest Management


Results Termite and Pest Control Services are one of the leading termite and pest control companies in Brisbane. For over 30 years we have always aimed to be an industry leader in termite management, with a strong emphasis on providing the following:

  • Fully licensed and trained technicians
  • Thermal imaging with all termite inspections  - no additional cost
  • Licence provider of timbersureTM  5 year full insurance against termite damage
  • Interest free payment plans by Certery ezi-pay
  • Latest technology
  • Affordable termite protection plans
  • Environmentally friendly options
  • Full insurance backed with a complete warranty on all termite barriers
Pest Control and Termite Inspections Wynnum Brisbane

The Wynnum suburb of Brisbane and surrounding area's are renowned as a high risk area for termites; we are regularly treating homes for subterranean termite damage. Australian Standards AS3660.2000 recommends that a Termite Inspection be undertaken at least every 12 months by a Licensed and Certified Termite Inspector.

Our recommendation to you is that if you are a homeowner in the Wynnum area is that you should make sure that your home has an up-to-date Termite Management System in place to protect against a termite (white ant) attacks; after all, prevention is always cheaper and easier than a unknown repair bill.


Think you might have termites but don’t want to pay for a full inspection until you know it is necessary?

We offer a free termite check to assess the “specific area of concern”. We also provide a free recommendation of a treatment program and a quote for further action that might be required.

Call today to schedule a

Termite Check in Wynnum bayside

1 in 3 homes in Australia have a history of termites

Here, in the great South East Queensland, annual termite inspections are a must  with Wynnum and surrounding suburbs being recognised as one of Queensland's “hot spots” for termite attacks on homes.  At Results Home Services, we guarantee that you will experience the most thorough inspection and receive treatment options that are most suited for your home and any termite threat your house may be facing.  Early detection of any termite activity on the property or in your home is very important to prevent the potential for large scale damage and expensive repairs.

Termite Inspections in the MacKenzie Suburb

If you have any question about having your home inspected for termites please call us. Looking at purchasing a property in and around Wynnum? Ask us about our pre-purchase inspection.


Effective, Environmentally Friendly Pest Solutions

Protect your family and pets with a Results Home Services pest control regime. Our qualified technicians take care of pests responsibly, safely and with minimal environmental impact, using premium, safe and effective products that are fragrance-free and friendly to pets, people and the planet.

Our Pest Control Services in Wynnum and surrounding bayside suburbs include:

Pest Control for Black Ants in Wynnum

Latest in Black Ant Pest Control

Termidor ant treatment is not only an effective and quick ant solution but is also perfectly safe for your family and pets.  Please call us to find out how we can save you from a summer of invading ants.

Our Black Ant Treatment is the most effective pest control available - Guaranteed


Most homeowners find that dealing with a black ant infestation is frustrating and nearly impossible to eliminate. Our Termidor Ant Treatment is the best way to control any ant problem in your yard or home. Our treatments are popular with schools and day-care centres to protect children from ant bites. It is also a great option if you are planning an outdoor event.



We are more than just another pest control company

The Results team is committed to helping you maintain and look after your home, your investment properties and your business premises. Our reputation has been built over30 years of providing termite and pest control services that is safe and works. Our trustworthy and friendly staff are fully qualified and carry the desire to provide excellence in service.  We enjoy working in the suburb of Wynnum and look forward to meeting you.


Wynnum and Surrounding Suburbs


Results Termite and Pest Control Services for all suburbs in the Bayside area of Brisbane including:

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