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Will my termite barrier be effective after all this rain?

The recent heavy rainfall and extreme weather has made for a termite paradise. Termites increase their population based on a number of factors including access to moisture and food. After heavy rainfall, moisture lingers in the soil for some time after the rain has ceased and in a flood or major wetting event, logs and scrap timber are moved by flood waters and often left buried in land fill or stacked in a pile adding to the available food source, which can sustain large subterranean termite colonies.

We’re often asked by clients considering installing chemical barriers to protect their homes how long a chemical barrier lasts and whether rain affects the barrier. A chemical barrier protects your home for five years and is resistant to environmental factors like rain. The key to the suitability of any termiticide in a moist environment (like Brisbane) is the propensity to leach through soil upon a wetting event. Termidor has very low water solubility and does not leach through the soil. Termidor binds to organic matter in the soil which also limits movement.

So YES, a Termidor chemical barrier will protect your h

ome from termites for five years after a heavy onset of rain.

Free termite check!

Think you’ve found termites? Call us now on 3823 2500 and have one of our qualified technicians out to complete a free termite check. They will check on what you’ve found and talk you through the different treatment options available to you. Or why not have one of our qualified technicians complete a full termite inspection using a moisture meter, thermal imaging camera and dongle?

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Results Home Services has been protecting Brisbane homes for over 25 years so we have the knowledge and experience to protect you and your home from not only termites but bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches and black ants. Our qualified technicians can help you with all your pest problems, and no problem is too big or too small.

Termite Protection

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