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Why you should update your termite inspection if you live in Capalaba

If you live in Capalaba or Alexandra Hills and it's been a while since your last termite inspection you might want to consider organising someone to pop out and bring it up to date. The reason? Homes in the Capalaba and Alexandra Hills areas are now reaching the age where they are particularly vulnerable to a termite attack and we are getting more and more calls from home owners in Capalaba and Alex Hills more often these days for this very reason.

Isn't age just a number?

You might be wondering why a home's age has anything to do with it's risk level for a termite attack and there are a couple of reasons. The first is the structural timbers; Timber is an organic material and like all organic materials they will degrade over time, this doesn't mean your home is going to fall over by any means but it translates to the timbers so it becomes more attractive to termites and therefore, your home more vulnerable.

This risk can be compounded by moisture issues or leaks which only make your home more attractive to termites, especially since we have have an unusually dry winter, termites will be on the hunt for moisture as it is a crucial ingredient for their survival, right after timber.

So if it has been longer than 12 months since your last termite inspection call us Results Home Services today and get some of the best in the industry to give your advice you can trust. We have been protecting and caring for Brisbane and Bayside homes for over 25 years, so you know you can count on us when it counts!

Call Results Home Services today and speak to our friendly team about getting your termite inspection or termite protection updated! Don't forget to ask us about our amazing pest control packages!

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