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Rain and how it affects your Pest Control

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

With the amount of rain we have had in the recent months the big question in the Pest Control Industry seems to be....

how will rain effect my pest control

When is a good time to get my pest control done and will it be effected by wet weather?

We have compiled a few questions that we commonly get asked and hopefully it will help in making your decision for your next pest control a little easier.

What happens if we have just done a general pest control and it rains, will it get washed away?

Pest control treatments are usually not affected by the rain. This is due to the walls of the home that are usually protected by overhangs and will rarely get wet. In fact, it is usually dry around the windows, door frames, and weep holes where we target your pest treatments. The other good news is that pest chemicals are formulated with emulsifiers that have bonding agents, this is so that the chemical can bond to any surfaces they are sprayed onto and will not be easily washed away.

For peace of mind we offer a free service period for your general pest control and will happily come and retreat and problem areas.


Will my ant treatment be affected by rain?

The treatment we use for black ants is Termidor. Some rain after your Termidor ant treatment has dried (10-20 minutes) can be of benefit. Termidor has a bonding agent so rain will not wash it away but rain will get the ants out and about and in contact with the chemical.

Our Termidor ant treatment comes with a 6-month warranty and at any stage, you can give our company a call and we will happily come and retreat and problem areas.

How is a mosquito/tick treatment be washed away with the rain?

The answer to this concern is a resounding no.

Mosquito + summertime = chance of rain. Mosquito season sometimes means treating properties with rain in the forecast and that’s okay as long as the product has time to dry (10 -15 minutes) then the rain will NOT affect the efficiency of the treatment for two reasons.

1. The product is eliminating both ticks and mosquitoes on contact, so there will be instant knockdown on present populations.

2. The Chemicals we use have a binding agent, this means the product will bind to your lawn and foliage preventing the rain from washing the application away.

Our mosquito/tick treatment comes with a 6 weeks free call out warranty

Water and how it can effect an Internal Pest Control

Different chemicals are used for internal pest control and management is a little different. Here are a common questions that we get asked when it comes any internal pest control.

Washing the floors after an internal pest control. How long should I wait ?

mopping floors after a pest control

It is highly recommended that you clean your floors before your scheduled pest control. Clean floors will let the pesticide bond to the surface more effectively, this means your pest control will last longer. After the pest treatment we recommend that you avoid mopping your perimeter areas of rooms (e.g., skirting boards) for 4-6 weeks but as much as needed you can happily sweep and vacuum these areas. But all other areas of the floor mop away as much as you like, this will not affect the pest treatment.

When can I wipe down my cupboards after a Pest Control?

The only time we will spray in your cupboards is if we recognise that you have a bad German cockroach problem or we find other pests harbouring in your cupboards. If you were looking at cleaning your cupboards, prior to a pest control is always the ideal time. This is a good time to make sure all your food is in airtight containers and any spoilt food is removed. In the event of your cupboards needing a spray, just like your floors we recommend that you do not clean the edges of the cupboards for 4-6 weeks but it is safe to put back the items of your cupboards once the chemical is dry.

When is a good time to remove spider webs once I have had my home pest controlled?

We recommend that you do not knock down old spider webs for at least 2 -3 weeks after the pest control treatment. This will ensure that spiders return to the web where the treatment has been applied and any baby spiders that may hatch will also return to the web affected by the pest control chemical. Cleaning windows should also be left for the same period.

pest control and warranty

Pest Control is not an exact science; there are many factors that can affect a pest control treatment. Whether reintroduction of a pest to a treated zone, bridging of the treatment zone or an unexpected change in weather conditions occurs at the time of the treatment. What is important to us is that we meet your expectations for a quality pest control service. This is why we are happy to back many of our pest control services with a free service period. This means, regardless of what happens to the pest treatment, if you feel that there is an unusual increase or unnoticeable decrease of the treated pest/pests we will happily return to your property and retreat as required, no questions asked.

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