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  • Kate Steel

Our Top Trick to get rid of Flies!

house fly on bench

There really isn't anything more irritating than flies buzzing around as you're trying to enjoy a family meal or outdoor gathering. It's known as the great Australian wave, you know the one; where you are constantly waving your hands in front of your face to keep the flies at bay? Or repeatedly waving your arms over the plate of snags so flies can only land for a second or two.

Enter: Results Home Services' Seclira Fly Treatment and let me just say, it's amazing! BASF (makers of Termidor) recently released a new product that is specifically designed for getting rid of flies. What makes it so effective is the sugar bait they have included in the clear, odourless spray that attracts the flies to land on the treated surfaces and then causes death near instantly.

We've used it to solve fly problems in commercial kitchens and restaurants as well as our and our customer's homes and we can tell you, it's unbelievably effective. You need only mention "Seclira Fly Bait" to other pest controllers and they get giddy just talking about it.

I was especially excited to try it as I live in an apartment on the ground level with no screens. We don't have too many troubles with other pests as I keep my pest control up to date but flies would just keep buzzing in like they owned the place and shoo as I may, I was faced with the prospect of closing the door and missing out on the fresh air or just putting up with these flying pests. Now I barely see a fly and when I do, it's dead!

So if flies are starting to become a problem as you obsessively swipe and swat at them to leave you alone, why not work smarter not harder? Our Seclira Fly Treatment is exactly what you need to take care of you fly problems. Regardless if your home is on acreage or inner city, Our Fly Control Treatment will be exactly what you're looking for and the best news is it can be added to any pest control service!

Call Results Home Services today on 38232500 (or contact us here) and ask our friendly team about our Seclira Fly treatment and our pest control packages that we can tailor to suit your house and your needs.

Seclira Fly Control

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