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  • Kate Steel

Mosquito Problems Around Gumdale

Updated: May 12, 2020

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If you live in Gumdale and have noticed a sudden uptick in mosquito numbers, you are not alone. Our office is located in the Gumdale/Wakerley area, and we have felt the difference this week's rain has made. We take this as our cue to grab one of the guys and get them to do a mozzie treatment around the office and what a difference it makes!

You don't need to hide away indoors for fear of becoming a mosquito's entree; we have the perfect solution! Our mosquito treatment will effectively create a living zone around your home, pool and deck areas so you can enjoy them without the uninvited guests.

Using a mister, we will fog anti-mosquito agents under your eaves, gardens, around pools and any other outdoor entertaining areas. The treatment will do two things; it will eliminate the breeding adults around your home and offer residual protection for the weeks to come.

Getting your mosquito treatment now is ideal as it will reduce the number of breeding

close up of mosquito bite arm

adults and newly hatched mosquitoes, which will break their breeding cycle and vastly reduce numbers in the coming months.

Don't put up with these buzzing parasites; you will not regret having our mosquito treatment done. We service all of Brisbane including Gumdale, Wakerley Capalaba, Ormiston, Wellington Point and Raby Bay.

Call our friendly team on 3823 2500 or get in touch here and find out how we can help you reclaim your back patio!

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