How vital are termite inspections for my rental property?

I one word “Very” Results Home Services just treated an investment property in Forest Lake for significant termite damage, see photo. The sad thing is this was totally avoidable. The Mum and Dad investors had brought the house a few years ago as part of their retirement plan. The property management company they chose was very organized and arranged yearly termite inspections. The management company got brought out three years ago. For the last three years, no termite inspection was carried out on their investment property.

The tenants had noticed “funny noises in the walls “but didn’t report it. Only when the investors decided to cash in on the rise in the property market did they organize an inspection themselves. To their horror, they found one whole side of their house eaten out by termites. Thousands of dollars later, a stressed-out investor, a very unhappy tenant, and many sleepless nights could have all been avoided with regular termite inspection and a complete termite management program.

As property managers, it is essential to protect your client’s investments by providing correct termite advice on a yearly termite program. For you, the investor, be proactive and ask your property manager to outline what action they take to protect your investment from a termite attack.

Unsure your investment property termite program is up to date, give us a call or email us. At Results Home Services, we are happy to talk about the best option to protect your investment home.

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