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  • Kate Steel

Found Termites in the Garden!?

CORVID-19 has seen many of us with much more time at home and with the new rules around social gatherings restricting house guests a large majority of us have decided to take advantage of this new found time to tidy up around the house.

Now we're all at home, we don't really have an excuse to neglect the forest of weeds that have been taking over your garden. If you've decided to finally tackle the garden this weekend, be on the lookout for termites!

We've had a number of calls from green thumbs needing us to come out and treat the active termite nest they had stumbled across while pruning and mulching.

We've had a booming termite season that hasn't really stopped or let up over the last couple of years. The heat coupled with the periods of rain and drought have created a "perfect storm" for termites.

Why are there termites in my garden?

Consider your garden for a moment, most likely it gets watered on a regular (or semi)

regular basis. There are timbers in contact with the soil whether it be garden edging, chip bark, old branches or maybe even an old tree stump. Keeping this in mind, your garden has everything they need to survive; food, water and shelter.

Why do I need to eradicate termites from my garden?

There are some people out there that are perfectly happy allowing their retaining wall to be gobbled up by termites and usually their rationale is something along the lines of "well, they won't eat my house because they're happy in the retaining wall" to which we respond with something like "why are you happy to feed a pest that will turn around and eat your house one day?"

The "they're too busy eating my retaining wall, they won't eat my house" logic falls over when we consider what happens when that retaining wall, that has allowed a termite nest to flourish into a very large colony, has been consumed? The termites will be looking to move on to a food source that is large enough to sustain their colony and luckily for them, there just so happens to be a large food source nearby; your house.

Call us!

So if you're making the most of social distancing by spending some time in your garden and happen to find active termites in some old timbers or in a tree stump, call Results Services now on 38232500 or you can contact us here.


A note about CORVID-19

We're still considered an essential service so our team is on board and ready to tackle termites and other pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, rodents, fleas and ants. Click here for more information on all our services.

For your safety and ours, our team is equipped with gloves, masks, booties and sanitiser and will not attend a home where anyone in the household is in isolation due to CORVID-19.

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