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  • Kate Steel

Don't Share your Christmas Lunch with Flies!

One thing you can be sure of at a Queenslander Christmas is the hundreds of flies whizzing around as you and your relatives wave their hands and flail about trying to deter flies from claiming even a morsel of their lunch!

Flies might seem an unavoidable and unsolvable problem, to which we say "bah! Humbug!" From the same people who brought us Termidor comes one of their newer innovations, the Seclira Fly Bait. Packed with a sugar bait, it will attract flies to land on treated surfaces and its fast-acting active constituent kills them in an instant. They will...well...drop like flies

You can add a fly treatment to any pest control or termite service. Our qualified technician will treat all problem areas (usually the kitchen and big areas) with Seclira Fly Bait. Once the treatment is done you can sit back and watch the flies drop out of air.

Even if there is food out, flies are still attracted to the sugar bait in so it'll keep the flies away as you and your family enjoy the Christmas season.

Want a fly-free Christmas? Call us on 38232500 and speak to one of our friendly team members about organising a fly treatment at your home for Christmas. We service all of Brisbane and greater region including Greenbank and logan suburbs.

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