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  • Kate Steel

Feeling like Lord of the Flies?

Summer is in the air and so are herds of flies buzzing around looking for their next meal and a nice place to lay their eggs. Flies are usually harmless enough but it's hard to think of anything more irritating than trying to sit back and relax while having hundreds of flies zooming about. Or trying to enjoy a family BBQ without the flies descending on you and your family as you wave your arms around trying to rid yourself of this demon pest.

We know this pain, we live this pain and now we can forget this pain thanks to our brand new service Seclira Fly Treatment! Using the latest in chemical technology, we now have the power to win back our decks, patios and kitchens from flies.

Our Seclira Fly Treatment can be added onto any pest services or if flies are the only bane of your existence, our techs are happy to pop out to drive the flies right out of your life. The treatment involves a clear, odourless spray being applied to the vertical surfaces of your outdoor & kitchen/living areas (or others depending on your situation) where flies naturally land. The spay contains a sugar bait which attracts flies to land on the treated surface and has a phenomenal drop dead effect on the unsuspecting pests.

All of our team members have tried this treatment and been blown away by the results. It's fast acting and makes a real difference in homes with no screens.

Keen to try?

Call our team now on 3823 2500 or contact us here and give our fly treatment a go, you won't regret it! Don't forget to ask our friendly team about the different pest packages and save! We service all of Brisbane including Northside and south side suburbs.

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