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DIY Termite Barrier - Should you do it?

The difference in Chemicals of a DYI Termite Barrier and Professional Termite Protection

We will often get asked, what's the difference between the termite chemicals that a licensed pest control/termite company uses to that of an off the shelf product that you can buy from a place such as Bunnings or Off The Net?

Before we get into the chemicals and any difference I would like mention that one of the most significant advantages of using a pest control company to treat and look after your home for termites is the fact that if something goes wrong, a termite company is covered by an insurance company. If you decide on a DIY termite treatment for your home, remember you will not be covered if something fails. We have seen many DYI treats go terribly wrong with costly consequence.

Let us look at some of the off the shelf products. At Bunnings the range is minimal with only a few termite control chemical available for termite treatments. The chemicals in the two products I have seen available are Permethrin/Bifenthrin and Disodium Octaborate. The latter chemical is used more as a timber treatment. These chemicals that Bunnings offer, to be fair do what they state, they will kill termites. But that's where the similarities stop to what you will get when you use a certified pest control company.

Here are the main differences:- the termite chemical that Bunning's sell is what we call repellent chemicals (they repel termites away from the treatment zone). This chemical is an old termite chemical technology that we have not used for 15 years plus. The reason that many companies in the termite industry have discontinued using these types of chemical is that termites are able to detect these chemicals in the soil and will stay away from them. This means that termites will remain active and will often find a way around the treatment with next to no disruption to the colony that is attacking your home.

Termiticides chemicals that many termite companies use are safer and smarter than the chemicals that were used over 20 years ago. The termite products Results Home Services uses for termite treatments and protection are termiticides that are non-repellent and have what is called a "transfer effect". A "transfer effect" means that when the termites come in contact with the chemical, they unknowingly take it back to the colony and transfer it on to other termites resulting in the colony to be destroyed.

At Results Home Services, we use Chemicals that are the latest in termite technology. We recommend and use both Altriset and Termidor.


Termidor is a chemical that is proven to be one of the most effective chemicals in treating both termites (white ants) and black ants. Termidor is water-based and has no odour; it does not leach through soil and is not damaging to micro-organisms, earthworms and plants. The active ingredient that Termidor uses is Fipronil.


Altriset is currently the safest Termiticide on the market and is only harmful to termites. Altriset is the only liquid termiticide that is exempt from poison scheduling by the Australian Regulatory Authorities. Altriset has very low toxicity to birds, fish, earthworms and even honey bees, which mean you, can protect your home with minimal impact on the environment. The active ingredient in Atriest is Chlorantraniliprole.

Here at Results Home Services, we choose to use only brand name chemicals since generic chemicals often do not meet our standard required in protecting your home against termites.

Latest technology and experience in termite and pest control

Our termite technicians are experienced and fully licensed and will recommend, treat and protect your house for termites based on a number of factors based on your home. We take a holistic approach in recommending termite protection for your home. Not only do we consider the best termite protection for your home, but we are proactive in thinking about the safety impact of you, your family, your pets and the environment when we install termite protection to your home. 

  • Fully licensed and trained technicians

  • Latest technology

  • Over 27 year's industry experience

  • Thermal imaging with all termite inspections  -  no additional cost

  • Environmentally friendly options

  • Treatment options tailored for your property

For more information on the best treatment option for your home, please call 38232500, us or email us for a free quote.

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