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Black Ant Problems After The Heavy Rain In Brisbane

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

With so much rain around in the past few weeks, many people start to see black ant activity inside the home. On first appearance, these little critters appear to be easy to get rid of, with a quick quirt of the fly spray they die, only to find that there are even more in their place in the following days.

There are two common catalysts for black ant activity: heat and rain. It is common to see an increase in ants in the spring and summer months as they forage for food and water to sustain their colony. It is also common to see ants comes inside during heavy rains - like humans, ants want a safe, dry place to live. Ants will get out of the rain any way possible, which invariable means finding shelter in your home. Through cracks in windows, gaps between bricks, spaces in floorboards in the house are just a few ways to gain access.

Often, when we see ant activity, we see only 10% of an ant colony; these are the ones scouting for food. The other 90% are often in another part of your home, building their nest and enjoying their new, dry home. While many DIY remedies will, on the surface, help control a black ant problem. Over time if there are hidden ant nests in the house, the situation may only worsen and eventually the most effective solution is to hire a pest control specialist. With the correct products and expertise of trained pest control technicians, we can ensure your home does not become permanently overrun by ants.

People Rave About Our Ant Pest Control

Once upon a time, ants were tough to control, but thanks to advances in chemical technology, we can reliably and safely control ants around your home. We offer our Termidor Ant Treatment, which uses the latest in chemical technology to prevent black ants from invading your home.

During a Termidor ant treatment, our trained and certified pest control expert will take the time to inspect and evaluate what type of ant is infesting your home and where the problem originates. They then can devise a treatment plan according to your home's specific needs.

For more information about our Termidor Ant Treatment, call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and speak to one of our friendly staff about how we can make your home ant-free again. We service all of Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs.

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