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Black Ant problems in Brisbane this season

Black ant pest control Brisbane - Results Home Services

Are you sharing your breakfast with a trail of black ant every morning?

Does this sound like your home? Each day it appears you are seeing more black ants around the home. First you start seeing those black ants in the kitchen, then the bathrooms and laundry and eventually no matter where a crumb of food is left within minutes you are seeing black ants. Don’t let ants take over, take action now and enjoy an ant free home.

Brisbane is in the midst of a major black ant problem with many home owners seeking new ways to get some relief from the millions of ants piling into their kitchen, laundry or bathroom. It seems like an un-winnable battle but our Termidor Ant Treatment will give you the relief you’re looking for so you can enjoy your patio, deck and pool without being terrorised by an army of ants.

Our Termidor Ant Treatment is so effective because of Termidor’s ‘transfer effect’. Termidor is a non-repellent transfer product, which means the ants can’t detect the Termidor and unknowingly take Termidor back to the nest and eradicate the colony. Termidor is spread from ant to ant when they rub up against each other during their normal grooming and communication behaviours. Our ant control treatment will reduce the black ant pressure on your home so you can enjoy your deck or patio without worrying about a barrage of ants.

As we have enjoyed a particularly wet and hot few years in Queensland and are now experiencing a hot and dry Summer/Autumn, many home owners are starting to see ants inside where previously, the ants had been polite enough to keep to the garden or lawn. The reason is ant populations have exploded during the hot and wet seasons, putting immense black ant pressure on your home and now it is so dry, ants are having to search further and wider for food, and most importantly water, to sustain the large ant colony. This is why you might start to see ants in new or different areas around or in your home.

Don’t put up with the ant invasion, call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and see how we can give you an ant free home. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs.

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