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  • Kate Steel

Beware: Dangerous Spiders on the Rise

As if Australians haven't had enough to worry about we now have to keep and eye out for venomous spiders as they are becoming increasingly active due to the recent extreme weather.

CNN reports funnel web spiders to be very active at the moment because our climate and recent weather conditions have created a perfect storm for these venom pumped arachnids.

The spider season has come later this year due to the months of dry conditions broken by this weeks rain and storms. Spiders are now on the move seeking food, water and a mate. This why we tend to see more spiders in the summer time over the winter months.

In Brisbane we don't need to worry too much about funnel web spiders simply because they tend to enjoy the moist forest regions of NSW and haven't been known to travel as far north as Brisbane.

In Brisbane the main spider we need to be wary of is the Redback spider which enjoys living in roof voids, under outdoor furniture, in webs around bikes or outdoor play sets. If you live in bushy areas like Wakerley and Gumdale make sure your pest control is up to date so if an 8 legged guest pops in for a visit, it won't be a long one.

golden orb spider in web

Spiders are of course an essential part of our eco-system but that doesn't mean we should be keeping spider hotels in our homes. Clean up loose leaf litter, remove webbing from your patio area and keep the external perimeters of your home clean and tidy.

The take away:

Spiders are on the move and you're likely to see more of them in the coming weeks. Make sure when you're tidying up around the home you use thick gardener's gloves to protect your hands as you collect garden debris or reach underneath outdoor furniture.

Want to talk to someone about spider control? Call Results Home Services on 38232500 and speak with our team

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