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Are you waking up with bites? You could have bed bugs

In the last two weeks our team has been inundated with calls about bed bugs and people waking up with "mystery bug bites" that have turned out to be bed bugs when our technician popped out to take a look.

You might be wondering "why now?" Well it actually makes perfect sense why we would be getting plenty of calls now. As the weather warms up so too do we get more and more bed bug calls.

Bed bugs are active year round but feed more ferociously when the weather is warm which is why people (and pest controllers) notice an explosion in bed bug activity when the weather spikes.

How do I know if I have bed bugs?

The signs start out slow but become more obvious as the population grows. The first sign people usually notice is the bites on their skin (usually a small red dot) however not everyone reacts the same way to bed bug bites which is why we get cases where wives will be covered in bites but the husbands will barely notice it even though they're sleeping in the same bed. We also see people who are extremely sensitive and break out in big red welts all over and the bites are extremely irritating.

If you've started to notice some bites this may prompt you to do further investigation. Have a look at the sheets, do you see any dark or reddish spots (looks like someone dabbed a fine point pen on the sheets)? This is often a sign of bed bugs. Next pull the sheets and mattress covers off the mattress and inspect the seams, are there any bed bugs or eggs in these areas? (check out our bed bug gallery to see what you are looking for here) Adult bed bugs are fairly easy to spot as they are about the same size as a lady bug.

Of course if you're not sure, call Results Home Services on 38232500 and speak to our friendly team about what you're experiencing. We'll be able to get an experienced tech out to you ASAP to take a look, determine if it is bed bugs and take care of everything from there. The worst thing you can do is wait for the bed bugs to get worse!

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