• Kate Steel

Are they mouse droppings?

Have you woken up this morning to find small, mouse sized droppings under your sink or around your fridge?

Time to call a pest controller to arrange rodent control!

We have had an influx of calls this last week from home owners who have stumbled across pellet sized rodent droppings and decided it was time to call the professionals to come and deal with their rodent problem.

The weather has turned quite cold across Brisbane so rodents are looking to hunker down, build their nests and find enough food for them and their growing family. Rodents love to nest in roof voids, sheds, under sinks and in garages; anywhere where they will be left alone but the most popular by far is the roof void.

You may not have even found rodent dropping but heard a suspicious rustling behind the walls and in the ceiling at night.

The key when you suspect a rodent problem is to act quickly and get a pest controller on to it ASAP. Rodents like rats and mice breed quickly and will eat just about anything so they can get out of hand very quickly. Not to mention they can cause serious damage to your house by gnawing on the electrical wiring, wall plaster and through air conditioning outlet pipes

Rodent Problem? Call us today on 38232500 and speak to our friendly team about arranging one of our qualified and professional technicians to pop out for a rodent control service. We provide pest control services to all of Brisbane including Brisbane northside, Brisbane south side, bayside and logan area.

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