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Is it necessary to have Annual Termite Inspections if you have current termite protection?

Termite Chemical Barrier around a home

We get asked this question a lot: “I have an up to date chemical barrier, why do I need an inspection?“ There are three main reasons you should get an annual termite inspection even if you have up to date termite protection in place.

Regardless if you have a chemical barrier or physical barrier (ie. Termimesh, Kordon etc.) you should still have annual termite inspections done to:

  1. Ensure your barrier is doing its job and your home is termite free;

  2. To ensure there is nothing in place that is likely to damage, compromise or bridge the barrier

  3. Any warranty on your chosen form of termite protection is likely to either recommend annual inspections or stipulate them to keep your warranty valid.

If you have Termimesh or Kordon in place, it’s important to remember these forms of termite protection won’t prevent termites from attacking your home but will force the termites out into the open if they want to gain entry into your home so it’s important to have a qualified and experienced timber pest inspector conduct a full termite inspection on a regular basis to identify if termites are attacking your home.

It’s important to remember that your termite protection exists in a dynamic and changing environment and your chemical barrier can only do its job as long as there are no external factors that may prevent or limit the protection it can provide. Annual inspections will pick up on things that are putting unnecessary pressure on your chemical barrier like a new active termite nest or termite workings in the garden, a leaking tap or pipe or even a dog or pet that has been digging around the home.

Whilst your chemical barrier will protect your home from termites entering and damaging structural timbers, it’s important to stay vigilant and treat termite nests as they appear so there isn’t unnecessary pressure on the chemical barrier or your home. Having an annual inspection is a great way to keep on top these things to protect your investment.

An annual inspection will pick up on other things like leaking taps, broken down pipes, new garden beds or even leaks you may not have known existed. Just this week we had a case where a tenant in a home with a chemical barrier put in a beautiful new vegetable garden right up against the slab edge where just last year the owner had a severe termite attack. On top of this the tenant’s dog had been digging up soil around the external perimeter of the home, right where the chemical barrier was. Had we not inspected this home we would never have known the barrier had been bridged and breached by the dog and the new garden bed. There is now a large hole in the chemical barrier that needs to be retreated to make the chemical barrier complete and all of this would have been missed had we not completed an annual termite inspection.

1. New garden bed can breach Termite Barrier

2. Leaking Storm water can breach Termite Barrier

3. Dog digging up garden can breach a Chemical Termite Barrier placed around a home

A year is a long time for any household and over that year leaks can develop, you may decide to install a new drain to help with excess moisture or perhaps you have an over excited pet digging holes around your home. Our experienced termite and pest control experts are on the look out for everything that may be compromising your chemical barrier so your termite protection will remain complete.

So if you’re overdue for your termite inspection call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and organise to have one of our experienced and qualified pest experts out to complete a full termite inspection using our moisture meter, thermal imaging camera and dongle. We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs in both the North side and South side of Brisbane

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