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  • Kate Steel

Xmas holidays often means it’s also Gardening time!

Spend time in your garden this summer, and the chances are that you will find active termite workings in your garden. Living in Brisbane this is to be expected, but the shock of finding active termites in your garden can be real.

Our advice to you is not to panic after all; termites were here well before Capitan Cook sailed by so it is no surprise that you have found termites in your garden. We can almost guarantee the first thing you did was think back to remember the date of your last termite inspection.

The very first thing we would ask you to do after finding termites in your garden is to try and not disturb them too much and please don’t spray the termites. If you scare them away, we will be unable to identify the species termites or be able to treat the termites.

Termites once discovered, will often run back to their nest to hide and avoid going back

to that spot until they feel that it is safe to do so, this could be days or weeks. If you hit them with any spray, you may kill a few hundred, but the chances are that you will not destroy the whole colony.

We would recommend that you contact us ASAP and arrange a fee check-up, and yes we are open over the Xmas and new year holiday. All you need to do is phone our office on 38232500 or contact us here, and we will arrange one of our technicians to call out to check what you have found.

We service green thumbs all over Brisbane and surrounding suburbs including Logan City and Redland City.

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