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  • Kate Steel

5 things you need to do if you think you have bed bugs

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Bugs bugs, though small, have the power to turn an exciting family holiday into a

adult bed bug on timber slat surrounded by nymphs and eggs

nightmare. Every now and then we see bed bugs making headlines whether it be a story about a Hollywood actor suing a major cruise liner due to their unfortunate run in with bed bugs or when bed bugs were reportedly found in Donald Trump's Doral Resort.

Bed bugs are more prolific and more common than ever for a combination of reasons. A 2015 study on US pest controllers found that hotels and apartments to be the main source of their bed bugs calls.

Once upon a time bed bugs were treated with sulfur dioxide, gasoline, mercury chloride and hydrogen cyanide, just to name a few. Of course we use none of these "treatment" options these days simply because they're dangerous and we don't need to. The chemical technology available to us now outstrips the traditional "methods" in terms of safety AND efficacy.

If you were unlucky enough to bring bed bugs home with you after your trip, fear not because we have listed the top 5 things you need to do if you think you have bed bugs:

1. Investigate

So you've been waking up with bites the last few mornings and you're starting to wonder what on earth is biting you? Naturally, the first thing to do is investigate! Make sure you have good light and pull all the linens back from the mattress to reveal all the seams so you can take a torch and closely examine the underside of each seam. Once the seams have been checked move on to the bed frame, pull the mattress off the frame and check every crack and crevice looking for a reddish brown bug about the size of a lady beetle. This might be a great time to check out our bed bug gallery to get an idea of what you're looking for.

2. Think Back

It's important to think back to when or where you may have been exposed to bed bugs, though you'll never really know for sure. Have you been travelling recently? Had guests to stay?

This is important information for your pest controller as it will give them a good idea on how long the problem has been present in your home and can take action accordingly. It's ok if you don't know but the more information, the better. Which brings us to;

3. Call a trusted pest controller

Bed bugs are a bit like termites in that yes you CAN take care of them yourself but do

you really want to? Bed bugs and termites are two pests we highly recommend you

leave to the professionals. Both pests need an extremely thorough treatment plan and it's been our experience that people who DO spend a fortune on DIY bed bug treatments end up calling us anyway because they just haven't been able to get on top of the problem.

A professional pest controller knows what they're looking for, where they are likely to find it and the best way to tackle the problem. The money you spend on a professional will save you hundreds down the road when your bed bug problem is solved and you don't need to fork out another fortune to deal with them a second time

4. Clean!

A huge part of any bed bug treatment DIY or professional is cleaning. No treatment will ever be completely successful unless you take the time and put all of your clothes and linens through a hot wash and dry cycle to destroy any bed bugs/eggs lingering here.

It's essential you vacuum regularly and empty the bag/container and remove from the premises. DON'T leave bed bug infested vacuum bags or vacuum containers around the house.

5. Monitor & Follow Up

Once the treatment has been completed make sure you keep an eye on things. Your pest controller will recommend a follow up treatment in 4-6 weeks after the intensive initial treatment. It's essential you keep up with any follow up treatments your technicians has recommended. If you don't you will just end up back at square one, struggling with a bed bug problem and hundreds of dollars out of pocket.

The follow up treatment ensures the treatment is at full strength as new bed bugs hatch and emerge to feed. Letting the treatment dwindle in this crucial time will not have the desired effect of complete population eradication.

So if you've just finished step one and two and are ready for step 3, call us on 38232500 to chat with our friendly team about getting a qualified and experienced technician out to you to take care of your bed bug issue.

We service all of Brisbane and surrounding suburbs including Northside and south side regions.

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