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The risk of not getting a regular termite inspection may be costly

Termite attack wake up call

Current news is a wakeup call for many home owners, “Brisbane House Destroyed by Termites, “ Adelaide Hills Family’s Termite Warning After Ceiling Collapses”. We have just had a long hot summer followed by plenty of wet and warm weather, this has created the perfect ecosystem for termites to stay very active.

Termite dames to ceiling rafters

Termite attack on new home

We have seen here in Brisbane, and many Bayside suburbs such as Manly, and surrounding suburbs such as Chandler, Wakerley and Gumdale, a major increase in termite activity that we have not seen before. Both new and old homes are at risk. Many home owners that have relatively new homes (5- 10 years), have a misconception that their house is safe from termites due to the age and the fact that it has a physical barrier such as Kordon or Terimesh to protect it from termites. A problem with these physical barriers is that while the product works well, at the end of the day a physical barrier is simply another name for “ant capping” made to force termites to go around

structures. This relies on you or your termite inspector discovering the termite workings or leads before too much damage is done.

Termites can and do find many ways around physical barriers either from slabs that have moved or cracked or breaching due to soil build up around the slab or through plumbing penetrations in the slabs.

The best prevention starts with getting your home inspected on a regular bases. Living in Queensland, it is recommended that this is done every 12 months, but for total peace of mind we also recommend a full chemical soil treatment that will stop termites getting into your home. To find out more about protecting your home from a devastating termite attack call Results Services 38232500 and find out the best way to protect your home.

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