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Got Bed Bugs? We have you Covered!

Bed Bugs

Over the last couple of years the number of bed bug cases we have dealt with has sky rocketed from one or two a fortnight to four or five a week! Bed bugs are booming all over Brisbane at Results Services we're always looking at ways we can offer a better service and better results to our customers.

Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that live on blood of hosts (usually humans) and get their name from their preferred habitat, our beds but in actual fact bed bugs are known to infest upholstery of lounges, cinema seats, airplane seats, cars and camper vans. Really any place where humans will spend large amounts of time sitting or laying still.

The good news is bed bugs aren't known to spread disease like other parasites like fleas or ticks. That is little comfort however when you feel like you are being eaten alive every night. The key with bed bugs is quick action. If you even suspect bed bugs the first thing you should do is contact a licensed pest control with experience in dealing with bed bugs to inspect your bedroom and if bed bugs are found, carry out a treatment.

Bed Bugs found on Bed Mattress

Bed bugs are resilient and cunning so they are not to be tackled by the inexperienced weekend warrior. This is one area where paying a professional will be well worth the dollars when you are not still dealing with the bed bug problem 6 months down the road!

At Results Home Services we use the best and latest in chemical and non chemical technology to eradicate the bed bug infestation and give you back your best night's sleep. During our bed bug treatment we use steam treatments, mattress encasements and residual chemical technology to ensure consistent population control even after our technician has left.

We offer real advice on all the things you can do to help the treatment along with better results. Things like when and how to launder linens, clothes and what to do with those items that can't go through a hot wash and dry cycle.

Stop sifting through the DIY bed bug treatment blogs and call Results Home Services on 38232500 or you can email us here. We service all of Brisbane and can take care of any infestation large or small. Talk to our friendly team today!

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