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Your House is at Higher Risk Due to Hot Dry Summer!!

If your home is in the Gumdale, Wakerley or Chandler areas and you enjoy the abundance of bush land surrounding your home, then right now it is very important for you to check for termite activity around your property and here's why!

Termites need two things to survive; plenty of wood to chew on and plenty of moist soil to hydrate the whole colony and right now the bush land we enjoy so much has plenty of food on offer but not much moisture to speak of. Just over the fence in your yard there are gardens that are getting watered, lawns that are getting a sprinkling of water every day and closer to the home itself may be a leaking tap, dripping air conditioner or hot water system. Inside your home a shower that leaks or other leaky plumbing that is causing moist soil to form under the slab of your house is very attractive to termites, especially in this dry weather. If your home has a waffle raft slab (also known as a waffle pod slab) pooling water could be a major problem should thirsty termites come exploring under your home's slab. These curious termites will be attracted by the moist soil but will stay for the timber and all the better if that timber is damp from an unattended leak! Up they go, following the moisture, often unseen until major damage has been done.

At Results Home Services, your local pest controller and termite company, based right here in Ransome! We specialise in inspecting and protecting homes from surprise and unwanted termite attacks. With over 30 years experience we know what to look for when it comes to what makes your home vulnerable to a termite attack and we know how best to protect your home from termites.

If you do have concerns or need to talk to someone about protecting your home then just call us on 3823 2500 and talk to our friendly team! Quite simply, with Gumdale Wakerley and Chandler a recognized "hot spot" for termite attacks we highly recommend all home owners be proactive with a termite management plan for their homes.

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