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Beware Red Back Spiders This Summer

redback spiders - pest control

Every year experts and governments alike spread warnings for home owners to be weary of redback spiders around the home and garden. Redback spiders are common across Queensland and are particularly prevalent throughout Brisbane. Redback spiders and indeed most species of spiders are most active in the summer months as there is plenty of food and water on offer. One home owner found a particularly active redback spider last month when she came across a redback spider taking on a snake in Vinifera, Victoria.

As chilling as this footage is, it reminds us that red back spiders are very capable predators and the utmost care should be taken when around them or places where they are likely to be. Redback spiders are considered a common household pest but as commonplace as they are, they pack a very painful and (potentially) deadly bite so having a practical and adequate pest control plan in place is important to keep friends and family members safe. Last April, a 22 year old man was bitten by a redback spider and received medical attention but later died. This is the first death as a results of a redback spider bite in almost 60 years. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Melbourne found deaths and hospitalisations as a results of a venomous bite or sting are far more prevalent than one might think. The study found spider bites were responsible for 30% of hospitalisations with bees also accounting for another third and snakes accounting for only 15%

There are countless species of spider in Queensland and Brisbane, let alone the millions of species world wide. For the most part these spiders are relatively harmless and fulfill a very important role within our ecosystem but when the spider numbers are getting out of control or you are finding dangerous species (like the redback spider) around your home, it’s time to call a professional pest controller to control the populations of these dangerous pests and prevent a friend or loved one getting bitten by these fierce predators.

Many spiders tend to linger around human dwellings as they are usually home to other pests like cockroaches, moths, or as our 8 legged friends know them, their next meal. Redback spiders especially tend to dwell in garages, roof voids and underneath outdoor furniture, lying in wait for their next meal to become caught in their incredibly strong web.

Don’t let your home be taken over by spiders and their messy webs, call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and speak to one of our friendly staff about how we can prevent spiders making your home their own. Our professional and qualified technicians have the experience and knowledge to safely and effectiveley pest control your home so you and your family can enjoy it without fear of a painful bite or sting..

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