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Did you see the termite swarms on the weekend?

The large storms that rolled through Brisbane and South East Queensland on Saturday afternoon were certainly something to behold from the deafening cracks of thunder to the visual light display and the torrential rain but depending on where you were, it all seemed to pass pretty quickly and innocently. What came after was a fantastic display of nature, it is something happens every year, usually around this time and usually after rain. Some Brisbane locals were privy to the "flight of the termite" this weekend witnessing swarms of coffee colored flying termites fluttering around as dusk fell.

At an engagement party in the Redlands myself I didn't realize until I looked up and saw a group of these flying termites gathered around the party lights that it clicked. There must be a large mature termite nest nearby.

Termite swarms are a natural part of the reproductive cycle for subterranean termites. Every year a mature colony will send out reproductive kings and queens from the nest to go out, find a mate and start a new colony. These kings and queens flutter from the nest drop their wings and find their mate, so all of those brown bugs crowding the lights over the weekend were just termites looking to find a partner to get "jiggy" with it.

Most of these termites (referred to as alates) die as they are unable to find a partner and suitable living conditions but there is a small percentage that do succeed and thus, a new termite colony is born!

...But what does it all mean?

Seeing alates swarming outside indicates that there is likely a large or mature nest within walking distance (or fluttering distance) and is generally not cause for major concern. Although, might we suggest a termite inspection at this point to rule out any termite nests on your property? Alates are not distance flyers and tend to just flutter wherever the breeze blows them. Seeing alates inside your home is cause for more concern as you need to determine where they came from. If just a handful have just found their way inside, you probably don't need to panic but again a termite inspection will help you make the distinction if you're unsure.

If however, you find a lot of these alates in your home, or worse, see them streaming from a down light or bathroom vent; then it's time to call a licensed pest controller ASAP! Having this number of swarmers in your home would indicate a nest or sub nest somewhere in your home that needs to be dealt with by a professional.

Termites are capable of so much destruction that can cost thousands and as we move into peak termite season it is essential to take all the necessary steps to protect your home from a termite attack.

Our advice? If you're unsure about anything, have a termite inspection because nothing really beats the trained and experienced eyes of a qualified technician.

Think you've found termites?

Call Results Home Services now on 3823 2500 and speak to one of our friendly team about getting one of our qualified technicians out to inspect your home! We service all of Brisbane and the Redlands including Birkdale, Cleveland, Redland Bay and Ormiston.

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