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Mozzies are on the move Brisbane!

This last week we've had a multitude of calls from clients (new and old) from suburbs like Deception Bay, Kedron, Wakerley, Pullenvale, Boondall and Chermside all looking for a solution to their mosquito problems! They are relieved to hear that we can help with our Mozzie Treatment!

Our mosquito treatment uses a fogging machine to fog a gentle mist throughout your surrounding gardens, yard, under your eaves and around your deck, patio and pool to create a mosquito free "living zone". Because the treatment is a fine mist it can penetrate even thick foliage to reach mosquitoes where they may be breeding around your home.

The mosquito treatment is effective for two reasons; it breaks the mosquito breeding cycle and provides residual protection. Should mozzies decide they want to crash your next BBQ, they need to land frequently as they're not distance flyers. Our treatment takes this opportunity to kill them when they come into contact with our treated zone (ie. surrounding gardens, under eaves etc). The treatment will also break their breeding cycle by eliminating the breeding mosquitoes from around your home so you will notice and immediate reduction in the mosquito numbers when you're out enjoying these Brisbane Spring evenings on the deck.

So don't let mozzies drive you crazy, call Results Home Services and talk to our friendly team about our mosquito treatment. We also offer great value pest control packages if you wanted to get your general pest control or termite inspection updated at the same time. We service all of Brisbane including suburbs like Deception Bay, Kedron, Wakerley, Pullenvale, Boondall and Chermside which seem to be particularly suffering after the recent wet weather.

Call us today on 3823 2500 to book your mosquito treatment!

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