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Watch Out for Ticks in Gumdale!!

If you like to take your four-legged friend on daily walks around the local area in the parks and green spaces like the Lota Creek Wetlands or Green Camp Road Park or the Chelsea Road Park you should be aware that ticks are on the move and none are more at risk then our furry pals.

Head to our web page (click here) to find the signs your pet has been bitten by a paralysis tick.

Most of our team are pet owners so we can imagine the stress and anxiety a tick attack on your best pal can cause. The reason we're putting this article out there is because one of the team members found a tick on their yellow Labrador after taking her for their evening walk in the Lota Creek Wetlands, only to discover a handful of other dog walkers they came across had also picked up a tick or two during their walk!

With this in mind we wanted to take this opportunity to remind pet owners to ensure their beloved pet's tick control is up to date and ready for tick season. It's also a timely reminder to check your pet's fur regularly for bumps, especially behind the ears and in the creases of the skin.

Our phones have also been alight with calls from people in the local area looking for ways they can protect their pets from ticks as they live on tick prone properties in the Gumdale, Wakerley, Lota, and Chandler areas. The good news is we can offer protection from ticks in the form of our tick treatment. This is a pet friendly treatment that will break the breeding cycle of ticks in your backyard and offer residual protection for up to 4-12 weeks (depending on the season, rainfall and foliage growth).

If ticks are a major concern for you and your four legged friend call us today on 3823 2500 and ask our friendly team about our tick treatment and how it can protect you and your family (including the furry members) from a tick attack this spring! The great news is we service all of Brisbane including the Gumdale, Wakerley, Chandler, Lota, Ransome and Thorneside suburbs.

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