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It's the season for Spiders!!

Most people recoil when they're confronted with one of these eight legged freaks. Their inordinate amount of eyes and legs seem to put many people on edge and we have been on the receiving end of more than a few panicked calls of people who "have just seen the biggest spider ever!"

Australia plays host to many different species of spider and a handful of these are capable of causing a painful (and potentially deadly) bite but for the most part spiders are relatively harmless and perform an essential role in our eco-system but we can't really blame anyone for not enjoying their company when they're trying to kick back and relax in front of the TV at night.

Our general pest control service covers spiders so it is a good option if spiders are of concern to you. Particularly heading into the warmer spring and summer months you will start to see spiders on the move. Redback spiders are of particular concern to most home owners and families with young children as they tend to dwell around the home, under patio furniture and toys and they pack a very painful bite.

Another reason we recommend keeping your pest control up to date to combat spiders is the roll on effect that it will have. Spiders, like any pest, will stay where the going is good. That is to say, they will stay where the food is. If you keep your pest control regular and up to date your home is unlikely to have other types of pests around like cockroaches, silverfish, moths, ants etc. So there's not much around for spiders to munch on so they'll move on to greener pastures.

Looking for a reliable pest control service in Brisbane?

Call Results Home Services on 3823 2500 and speak to our friendly team about our wide range of pest control and termites services. Don't forget to ask us about our great value packages! The great news? We services all of Brisbane and the greater region including the North side and South side suburbs as well as Brisbane's Bayside suburbs!

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