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Getting a Quote for Termite Protection

Termite protection quotes

Unfortunately, if termites gain entry into your home, the damage they can do in a short amount of time can be immense. This may devalue your home instantly. In essence, your home can be at the mercy of your chosen Pest Control Company. They are the ones with the experience and knowledge, and if your house is at threat by termites, they are the ones guaranteeing your home is termite proofed. You will need to trust them in securing your home against termites and insuring that they will manage their treatment to stand the test against termites.

We all know the benefits of getting more than one quote, but equally important is the ability to make a comparison. Are you comparing apples with apples?

So what type of things should you be comparing and what sort of questions should you be asking? Below, I have listed a few things that are important to compare and hopefully will help make your decision easier.

Free quote for termite protection

Termite Protection – Checklist

  • Will they warranty their work?

  • What chemical will they be using around the home?

  • How much experience have they had in their industry?

  • Are they licensed?

  • Are they reputable in the industry?

  • Price comparison?

  • Can they give some referrals of previous work?

If you decide to go ahead with the termite barrier you will need to have yearly warranty inspections. Check to see how much the yearly cost will be. At Results Home Services we have an option to include a pest control into the warranty, therefore, in essence, the warranty will not cost you much at all.

If you think termites are making a meal out of your house or garden or you have already had a quote and would like a second one, please phone our office today. Yes, we service all of Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs.

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