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Bed Bugs, Brisbane’s Biggest Bother

Alliteration aside, bed bugs truly are a troublesome pest that cause a number of our clients a significant amount of stress. Many people find having bed bugs a harrowing experience but at Results Termite and Pest Services we go that extra mile to make the treatment process as stress free as possible. The thing to remember when you have bed bugs is it’s more of a case of bad luck rather than poor hygiene . The most common way to get bed bugs is to pick them up from infested mattresses or furniture whilst travelling. Click here to read our article on how to avoid bed bugs whilst travelling.

Identifying bedbugs

Bed bugs are wingless, oval shaped insects that grow to be 4-5mm long in adulthood. They are reddish-brown in colour but become a darker blood red colour after feeding on their preferred food source (you). Bed bugs thrive on human blood and dwell in places where there is a constant food source (ie. your bed). They generally feed at night and take shelter during the day; however, if the opportunity arises they will feed during the day.

Bed bugs can be difficult to detect as they hide in the seams of your mattress, in bed linens, behind picture frames and in carpets and curtains. They are small and will hide anywhere, but the tell-tale signs of a bed bug infestation include:

  • Blood spots on your mattress and sheets

  • Dark spots the approximate size and shape of the tip of a felt marker (this is bed bug excrement).

  • Eggs and egg shells (approx. 1mm in length)

  • Live bed bugs

Not everyone reacts to a bed bug bite but those who do show small red spots which can be itchy. Bed bug bites are usually the first sign noticed by most people.

Mattress Encasement for Bed Bugs

If you think you might have bed bugs, your first step is to call Results Termite and Pest Services. Our friendly staff can help you with any questions you might have and organise a qualified technician to perform a full inspection of the room(s) you think might be infected by bed bugs and confirm one way or another. If bed bugs are found, our technician will then treat the room(s) with the safest and smartest chemicals on the market. We also highly recommend having a Bug Lock mattress encasement installed on this visit to help prevent re-infestation.

Our technician will also guide you through some other steps you can take to help resolve the infestation.

Bed bug infestation

Steps like: continuing to sleep in the same room, as this will encourage the bed bugs to emerge and walk over the treated areas, killing them in the process. You can also put your bed linens through a hot wash and dry cycle; however, we ask that you do this after your appointment so our technician can see your bedding and gauge the severity of the infestation.

The key to eliminating a bed bug problem is quick action. A bed bug infestation, as with many things in life, will only get worse with time. The longer you leave a bed bug infestation, the longer and more expensive it will be to eradicate.

Think you have bed bugs? Call Results Termite and Pest Services now on 3823 2500 now and speak to one of our very friendly staff. We service all of Brisbane and Bayside areas and can have a technician out to you ASAP!

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